Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Simple Pre-Writing Thank You Notes

Being grateful for that which we have is key to happiness.

Children do not need to yet be skilled at writing to participate in the joyful process of penning thank you notes. Affixing raised letter stickers in your intended message to scrap paper allows youngsters to copy the sentiment by rubbing a crayon over a piece of paper placed atop the 'stencil.' In the time since I have posted, I have learned that dictating letters to family and friends is a great way to develop reading & writing skills. Sitting alongside your child, read aloud that which you are writing. Encourage your kids to tell you what they would like to say to these special people. We have really enjoyed writing letters together and I was so excited to think of a way for him to write 'Thank You' to everyone who made his birthday so wonderful.

How do you include your younger children in their thank you notes or other letter writing?

Do you have a great early literacy activity? Please share!

Check out to learn more about teaching literacy by using letters in practical context vs one individual letter at a time (day/week). This is a good resource both because of the brevity of her article (learn the basics quickly) and for her inclusion of links to further references.